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Backend workflow not working

Suddenly all my backend workflows are not working…is anyone experiencing the same problem ?

Hey @emanuelegurnari :wave:

Is it getting a weird error? Have you tried refreshing the page? Sometimes this fixes the errors.

Maybe you can share a screen shot of what is going on to see if we can help more.

@J805 thanks for your response…i just finished to report a bug because i noticed that all my backend workflows are not running…basically i can check them on the log section through the scheduler but they are not making changes on the database…i tried to close everything and reopen or reload all my pages but nothing

here you can see one of them it is just a simple update costs from an inventory what i am doing is creating a temporary list using a custom state and then passing this list to the Api workflow but nothing is working!

Hey @emanuelegurnari :wave:

If they are all not running, make sure you don’t have your scheduler ‘paused’. That will cause everything to not work. Have you pressed pause recently and maybe forgot to unpause it?

I don/t remembered to have pressed anything where i can find this pause button?

It would be under Logs > Scheduler :blush:

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thanksssss i lost a day on this stupid button thanks thanks thanks!!

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No problem. Glad it helped. :blush:


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