Error APi workflow just stopped working and "Workflow error - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug"

I have made not changes to my app and customer reported an email was not sending and looking at the log I see the message:

Workflow error - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit

What doe this mean??

I have not touched the workflow or API!

Anyone else experiencing API workflow errors?

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First item in the workflow is Assign temp password to user then send email. Pretty basic but it is not assigning temp password anymore?

Filed Bug Report: #7474 Anyone else experiencing issues with send temp password emails?

Yes. Broke my app as well. Reported it last weekend, bug report #7408. No answer yet (although to be fair I have sent quite a few bug reports this weekend in regards to the new Stripe SCA plugin, so support might be busy :sweat_smile:).

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We have found an issue and are pushing a fix this morning. Sorry guys.

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We got an issue (same error message) with multifileuploader (with box options). Is this related or I should submit another ticket?

What we fixed is for API workflows, file uploaders cannot be used in such context, so we need a bug report.

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Thanks @emmanuel it is now all working again!

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