Error code 500 for API call


I’m integrating into a client’s app. I’ve already created the developer’s token, set up the API, and managed to successfully initiate several calls, including the one I’m having issues with.

The call “Create an Asset” is how we’re going to allow users to upload a video through the Bubble app, and have this API call take that video and create an asset for it within This initializes just fine, and the test asset is created in, but whenever I try to insert a dynamic value into the “source” field, (where the video is coming from), I get this status code 500 but it wont tell me exactly what is wrong or how to fix it.

I’ve tried both Bubble’s native File Uploader and Zeroqode’s Multi-File Uploader to provide the “source” for the asset. I’ve tried “This Uploader’s File” and different options with that, and I’ve even tried creating the asset as a thing in Bubble first, and in the next step making the source “result of step 1’s file”. Still fails. But when I leave this field to be exactly what the default is within the API call, the asset is created, along with its dynamic name, but obviously no video. Below is the error code message.

Temporary error connecting to API - Asset - Create an Asset (raw message: {“code”:500,“errors”:[{“code”:500,“detail”:“There was a problem with your request”,“status”:500,“title”:“Something went wrong”}],“message”:“Something went wrong”}) API reference for “Create an Asset”: Create an Asset · API Docs Developers docs:

Could someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you