'Contains' thats ignores case

Hi, I am trying to use a repeating group data source constrain function (looking to an input value typed by the user) to filter the data returned from a database. So basically searching for words or part of words withing a field and only returning database entries that have that test within.

The issue is the ‘contains’ function is case sensitive thus not much use when searching as you don’t know until you see the returned values which characters were upper or lower case.

Is there a better way, or a way to get the ‘contains’ function to ignore case?


Hello @bonser-backup

Yes, thankyou I worked out a workaround by converting everything to uppercase (not visually so people can still type in any case) when looking for a match.

Kind of like this

look at text in input 1, assume its all uppercase, now look in database text, assume that’s all uppercase and return any ‘Contains’ matches. Seems to be working ok, If someone has a more elegant way I would be interested.


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