Error: Expected a string, but got a number (original data: 402)

Hey guys,

I have been using the Stripe marketplace express plugin for a while now and everything works fine. Now all of a sudden when you try and add a credit card I get this message:

Error: Expected a string, but got a number (original data: 402)

Not sure what happened? Anyone else getting this problem?

Thank you!

I’m not familiar with that plug-in, but according to the Stripe docs, that error means the request parameters were valid but the request failed nonetheless. That’s not much to go on. It might mean the card is invalid, or it might mean the plugin is using a deprecated API.

Stripe integrations should be using the PaymentIntents API and not the outdated “Card payments with Sources”. I’m not saying that’s the issue for sure, but if you know the card is good, you might want to check with the plugin author.

Thank you for your feedback! I did reach out to the plugin author, still waiting on what they say. I do appreciate your help!

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Hi @sampll , Did hear anything from them regarding this issue? I’m also experiencing this now.

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