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Error Exporting Data

I am trying to export about 2500 records from bubble as csv but the file doesn’t have any data. The first cell only shows:

Error exporting data… please try again in a bit

Any ideas?

I’ve never tried exporting data before, so I’m not sure if the following will help. Try creating a new view that limits the number of rows to a smaller batch, then try exporting that.

I’ve tried this by constraining the items into smaller batches, but nothing will export from this particular table. My other data tables are exporting fine.

I have been experience an issue where any field containing text with an apostrophe will not export into the end CSV document (the cell is blank). As for your situation, running a repeating API workflow exporting in batches of 50 records should work. If you still see an error message best to submit a bug report

No apostrophes here. I appreciate the input, Philip. Is there a records limit for export? I’ve exported some large data tables before, larger than this one. I submitted a bug report to see what might be causing this issue.

Check it out @jason1

Great news! It doesn’t look like the update has hit my box yet, but that’s going to be nice when it does.

Appreciate the input and cheers to Team Bubble!

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