Error Handling - How to log and notify?

Hey everyone.

In one of my workflows I have an action that keeps failing and I am pulling my hair out trying to troubleshoot why.

Without going into THAT specific issue, what I need help figuring out is how to create some sort of error handling that alerts me when the action fails.

I can’t find conditionals for an action failing so I am unsure how I would set up something like this.

I am looking for something along the lines of “If Step 4 Fails” or “If Step 4’s errors isn’t empty” but these aren’t options of course.

Thanks for your help.

You can start creating a new workflow > General > An unhandled error occurs or create a new workflow > elements > An element has an error running a workflow

Hey, thanks - I didn’t know that existed. Is there a backend version of this? The error occurs on a backend recursive workflow.

You could try to Return data conditionally. You can return anything you want. Then perhaps the best thing to do is create this call to your backend via the api connector as an action, use this in your workflow. Then display the error details if any to the user