Unhandled event occurs NOT working?


I am using the unhandled error occurs to trigger a workflow and it is NOT working.

It was working last week, and I even have a video to confirm it. But, uh… now it’s not.

Trying to get an error to trigger an API call (any workflow error) (but I’ve also added conditionals to test) and it is NOT working.

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Seems like this triggers only when there is an action API call being used, not when an element has a data source from an API provider.

Assuming this would be remedied by the following:
I set up a workflow that looks at the specific element in which the data source is from an external API provider.

In this scenario I have used a user’s expired Bearer token to generate this error. On my page I am using an external API provider to query data about this particular user. Expectedly, an error is thrown.

To visualize this ‘An unhandled error occurs’ in addition to ‘xx has an error running a workflow’ actions, a ‘show popup’ is set as step one. In any of my tests I have ran I have not been able to get this popup to actually show. I have enabled them both one at a time, ran them in tandem, and yet nothing actually triggers the popup.

However, if I use an action API and have it in a workflow, only then does the error trigger. Bubble, please fix.

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