Error in Advance grid plugin

The plugin Advanced Grid / element Advanced Grid threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null

I get this error.

It is very difficult to tell from your message what happened.
Please give more information. What is the full text of the error (in DevTools)? Did you connect in the same way as on the demo page? Do you have a Unique ID field connected? What other fields and how did you connect?
Sorry, but without additional information it is very difficult to say something concrete.


I have attached the developer screenstop and run time error.

I created a simple page with advance grid as the only item and added the unique id and just one column. What I notice what that if I use Certifications table, it works for other table it does not work and the error shows up.

How do I share the attachment.

Give me access to the test application.

I have shared the application to your email id.

Thank you!


This is good, but I need to know what the application is. How can I get into it. Where is the link?

I shared this application with you on your email, but it says your email id is invalid .
Also can you give me the steps on how to share this application with you? I think I did it right.

Clear. Well Then send an invitation to the address of our team.