Error in Upload CSV data (Acute Accent)

I am trying to upload a huge CSV data.
All the process is fine, but the characteres with Acute Accent are not being reconized by Bubble, as the image below, the name should be “SÓDIO”. I checked the CSV file and the words are correct, but the error occurs on Bubble.


I want to know what can i do to solve this problem, since i need the correct characters within my data.

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It could still be an issue on excel’s side though. Are you sure the csv is UTF-8 encoded? I have been struggling with this in the past but one of the answers found online to make sure the csv is correctly formatted worked for me. The fact that it shows correctly in excel doesnt always make it correct in my experience.

maybe you can try a few of these solutions to see if you can fix it:

None of this solution is working. Here is the exemple of my csv file.

And here is the uploaded:

Try to Download Notepad++, Create new document in N++, In Options change encoding to UTF8, add some CSV Content with Delimiter your using, Save this File as CSV and try to upload to Bubble.
In 99% it should be fine.
Next you can use Excel to edit this file without changing the encoding.

I will share my solution.

The only app that worked convert to UTF-8 was the NotePad. Neither Wordpad nor excel worked…I was wrongly using Wordpad.

Thanks @vincent56 for your attention and help…

Thanks @petrucho
I discovered it by myself. Should had seeing your post earlier…

One more thing to notice: There are limitation for CSV records upload at once. Starting from 50 records for Personal App. Similar topic: CSV Upload Limit

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