CSV Upload to Bubble messing up Spanish Characters

Hi, I’ve been trying to upload an Excel file with lots of Spanish data in it into my Bubble database. Bubble will only upload it if I convert it first to UTF-8 CSV format, however doing this results in non-English characters being scrambled - and which don’t display properly in my app (see below)


Does anyone know how to get around this problem? Thanks for your help Bubble superstars!!!

In case it’s useful to anyone else, I found a solution in the end. While I couldn’t get Excel, Google Sheets, or Open Office to save a CSV file in UTF-8 format without losing all the Spanish characters, it turns out that Notepad can do this. Just open a regular CSV file in Notepad and in the Save As popup, select ‘UTF-8’ from the format dropdown, then save. Bingo, special characters preserved and Bubble will allow database upload!

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I had the same problem and it works!

I was about to suggest UTF-8 with BOM but if it worked with plain UTF-8 then great!