Error loading bubble site - "Your browser was unable to load some necessary resources"

Your browser was unable to load some necessary resources, contact your IT network administrator and ask him or her to allow access to

Anyone else seeing this?

If I add debug_mode=true to the end, the website loads. Else, the above message is all I see.

7 hours into the outage now…

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@emmanuel shows no outage today

Bubble support resolved it. Thanks

Care to share what they did? This has happened a few times before for me and others in Asia Pacific. Is it an issue with Cloudfront? Should we get in touch with Support each time it happens?

There was some problem with their recent release. They just asked me to make a small change (any change) in the app and deploy it again. And voila it was working. But that does not always work. You should contact support if you face this for extended span of time.

The funny thing is, these errors were happening on Bubble’s interactive tutorial apps. Happened to several individuals who I had recommended to check out Bubble and it stopped them in their tracks. It’s safe to say that since the issue didn’t resolve itself quickly, and there seems to be no known ‘reason’ why it happens, they have moved on to trying some other platforms instead.

This just happened to me today… any thoughts? Anything I can do?

I also present the same error at this time

Also seeing this error through my account too…

Try removing the ?debug_mode=true at the end of your URL - it works for me, let me know if it works for you…

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