Error message on openai Assistant API

I’m tryin to use my Assistant API by Openai with the plugin: Openai Assistant API
When I send a message to the bot appears this message, could someone help me?

You need to show us your entire workflow. Seems to me you’re not sending a thread (or creating one) then sending that ID to the action.

The ID of a Thread starts with “thread_” whereas your screenshot shows “msg_”. You need to be sending the Thread ID to create the run.


As you could see the thread’s name begin with “thread_…”

That looks like it’s the action creating a new message rather than the run. The steps are referring to “create message”, the error refers to “Create run”. What’s your API call looking like?

I think you mean that, right?

Yeah - what’s the “Result of step” value in that screenshot?


This is the WF:

Here. What are the actions in “step 1”, what are you passing though as the “Result of step 1”? Are you passing the Thread ID or something else (eg the Message id)?

Thank you!! You made me think about the problem and I was able to solve it

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How exactly did you resolve it? I am having the same error message.