Error Parsing the body : "" from apiConnector2


Since this morning I started receiving "Error Parsing the body : “d5dd2e39-f75d-4ad4-9019-14cce5cc4881” from apiConnector2.

This is my workflow :
I make calls to my backend API using the APIConnector plugin.
When doing POST, PUT, DELETE requests, I always check if the action is successfully completed by returning the UUID of the entity modified/created.

This would be the response :

For each action I would check if body.extractRegex() is not empty with the regex checking if the body is a valid UUID. If yes then it means that the request is successful and I display a successful message otherwise I display an error.

To do so obviously I would have to tick the APIConnector options in the following way:

This morning all this was not working anymore because I was getting an alert
"Error Parsing the body : "d5dd2e39-f75d-4ad4-9019-14cce5cc4881" from apiConnector2.

So i had to revolutionise the entire Application.
I have now found a workaround which is using the headers but it is crazy that from one day to another all my endpoint were not responding anymore causing my platform to be unusable.

I would love some explanation for this



Looks like your "body" : value is empty. That breaks the JSON format

It has always worked like this :

body : "d5dd2e39-f75d-4ad4-9019-14cce5cc4881"

From one moment to another it stopped parsing it correctly. There must have been a update in Bubble that broke it

There’s another ‘body’ key with no value just under status_message : OK
That’s what seems off

Ah sorry that is my bad, as i said I have now changed the API response so i manually wrote the one above and I have missed to fill the body in error, it should have been like this.

I ran into this issue as well. All my APIs stopped working. My entire application is suddenly broken.

Can I ask how did you fix this? Did you reinitialize all your API calls?

It’s insane how Bubble can be this unreliable.

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Yes I have unchecked the Include errors in response and allow workflow actions to continue.
From my backend I now send an header “success” which can be True or False and i check that.

Yes i had to re-initialise all the request removing the “error” and “returnedError” fields

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I have opened a Bug Report and the Bubble Team confirmed that this behavior was a regression from a recent code deploy and they have pushed a fix.

Now it should work even if it is to late for me since i have found a workaround

A bit disappointing to be honest since it took 5 days and if I did not find a workaround I would have had my website down for 5 days.


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