Error returned when trying to use Outlook plugin

Hi Bubblers,

I’m having trouble when setting up the Outlook plugin to send an email from my bubble app. I’m using the Outlook plugin from the bubble plugin directory.

I followed the setup instructions from this video -

I have one button to sign up with outlook, which is working fine - able to authenticate and sign in to Microsoft. Then I have another button to send a test email, and for that I am linking it to workflow with send email action. But I’m getting below HTTP 401 error when I click this. Anyone that might know what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks!

Hi, tagging you because based on some posts I’m assuming you’re the creator of the plugin. Please help if possible, thanks! @romanmg

Any resolution to this? 1,493 apps are employing this plugin, yet I’m having a heck of a time getting the Outlook Plugin to do anything useful. Can’t connect to individual Outlook Calendars, can’t create new events.

I can’t configure the bubble calendar-element to display individual Outlook Calendars. All I get are ‘all-calendars and all events’ only.

When I try to create events I receive the following error:

Anyplace I can go to get more info on use or best practices etc?

Signed: Having a heck of a time…