No code apps - Outlook Plugin - Invalid credentials error (401)

Hello, Bubble community!
I hope everyone’s doing well.

I tried to add the No code apps Outlook plugin in my app and I get a 401 - Invalid credentials error after trying to connect my Outlook account for a test.

I followed the “How to Set up the Outlook Plugin in Your Bubble App” video and everything seems to be fine (App ID, App Secret, and generic redirect URL for live and version_test).

I am already connected to my Microsoft account so everything is also fine on that side.

Here is the error message:

Outlook error part1

Outlook error part2

Does anyone know how to fix that?

Thanks a lot and take care!


Can I assume that you solved this? I had a similar issue. I realized I using the wrong email in my app. I’m having trouble, now, with creating Calendar events using bubble input elements. I get an error: “UnableToDeserializePostBody.” Have you encountered this?

Thx. Eric-