Error uploading image to AWS - Repeating groups displaying these images

Hello to all,

I write this topic because I think that I encounter some sort of bug uploading pictures in my app to AWS (through a picture uploader).

Context :

I let my user add some picture to a data thing “Rdv”. This thing has a field “Pictures” → list of images.
I got on my page a picture uploader. I set a custom state on this page “Image_upload” which is a list of image.
I’ve also added a workflow “When an input (picture uploader) is changed” → Set state “image_upload”:plus item picture uploader’s value. → reset input of picture upload (to let the user add other images).

I then have 2 repeating groups, the first one is displaying the list of image of the custom state “image_upload”, and the other one is displaying the list of images “Pictures” of my thing “RDV”.

The problem is :

Everything works fine when the user upload its images. The problem is for the 2nd repeating group. Some images are displayed well, but others are just blank.

I got these errors :

It is strange because I have the same process on another page of my app and everything seems to work fine.

Is it a bug from AWS or am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help !

Update :

After some test, it seems that the image is well uploaded to AWS, but the repeating group is unable to display the image.

See the screenshots below :

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