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Displaying images in repeating group prior to saving


Im making a group(page) where I have a “+ icon” w/ a transparent image uploader on top of it. When a user clicks on it and adds an image, it goes to the repeating group and gets displayed on the big image. The user can upload up to 5 images. Please note, I am not saving the images yet to the DB because the user still has other info to enter before he clicks on post. My questions are:

  1. I dont know what to put in my repeating group’s data source. The image uploader option is greyed out (see pic).
  2. Also, the images are not displaying in the repeating group (maybe because I don’t have a data source yet) and is instead displaying on the icon (where the transparent image uploader is at). How do I prevent it from displaying there and have it displayed on the repeating group? The big image is displaying correctly though.
  3. When the user adds another image, it should add in the repeating group. I have a transparent group layer on the cell of the repeating group where I make a state- the page’s current pic is the cell’s current image. Ideally, i should click on any of the 5 images in the repeating group and it will display in the big picture but I can’t test this yet because I can’t get the repeating group to work.

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance guys!