Error when sending a file to Bubble via Object API or WF API

I want to do a very simple thing: send a file from Postman and store it in the Bubble database.

Here’s the database I’m trying to reach:

Here’s the call and the error:

Please try it yourself and you will see that there is no sense this error is there. Why?

Bubble have a specific way to upload a file. Please follow documentations

Hey @Jici thanks for the answer, unfortunately it is still giving me error. It’s not clear where do I have to make the API call to. I assumed that it was an OBJ call.

Here’s the error:

Where do you send the file? Backwend WF or using Data API?

Using data API to the database I showed in the screenshots

So you need to target the field first like

	"file_sent": {
		"filename": "filename",
		"contents": "base64"

There’s a lot of topic on the forum about sending files to Data API

That worked! Last question, what does it mean “when true the file is protected”? If false the file is publicly accessible?


When you set a file private (true), you can attach it to a thing (attach_to, unique ID of the item) and privacy rules will apply to this file. So user need to be logged in to have access to the file.

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