Need Help To Upload A Document From Bubble to an external API

Hey there folks , so i need help getting a file from bubble to an external api.

Managed to get the file uploader to work that was the easy part :

I also got the other integrations to work actually :

But i cant seem to get the file uploader to work :

I’m getting some sort of error that i cant figure out :

Any help is greatly appreciated, i will be eternally grateful

here’s the thirdparty documentation in case it’s required :

Too many quotation marks in your file path?

or not enough? something like that? i dont really know, on this stuff i did try every permutation tbh

i really cant figure this out at all…

Have you tried it as JSON in the body? E.g.

{“file”: “<url>”}

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thanks for responding, i’m trying it , in every permutation possible and getting the same error, except it also says it cant parse as json…

i really appreciate the help

You should change the Body type to multi part and use parameters. You will have an option for files. Documentation doesn’t show a option to use an url to upload a file.
So change type, add a parameters file, and select file checkbox.

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thanks for responding, i feel like i’m getting closer with your tip !

i did it as so, but i still get an error:

any ideas?

remove the header content-type. Bubble for this case should include it. But your call seem correctly set.
You can debug using a and also try in postman or insomnia if the call work

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thank you for being so generous with your time and holding my hand through this. it’s much appreciated, truly. :pray:

didnt work, but still appreciated !

btw i can get it to work using command line on my windows computer, but i simply cant get bubble to behave correctly…

any help would be greatly appreciated

Just tested an no issue on my side

Maybe you can start from scratch


well, i’ll be… kindly accept all my thanks :pray:

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