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Error with repeater group

Hi, I’m having a problem with repeater groups. Has anyone had this problem?
I’ll post pictures for you to understand.

Captura de tela 2022-11-20 002415

I’m using the new responsiveness engine.
I already used repeater group with the same settings in another app and I didn’t have this bug.

I don’t understand… what’s the error? What am I meant to be looking at?

here in this photo you can see that the texts are not appearing correctly, they are behind the page. And the scrollbar appears. Another thing that is happening is that it is not showing all the items that are in the repeater group.

Ah, ok I see… yes, I have seen this issue before…

Try changing the RG container layout to column, then adding a row container inside it - I had this issue a while ago when the new responsive engine was still in Beta - it seemed certain RGs (especially those in Reusable Elements) didn’t like Row container layouts - but I almost always put a group inside the RG cell so it didn’t really matter, and I haven’t seen the issue in a while, so assumed it had been fixed in the main release…

But changing the RG layout to column should fix it (it did for me) - so give it a try…

I can’t answer why only some items are showing in the RG, other than to suggest checking your privacy rules and search constraints…

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Sensational. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I’ll test it right now. If it works, I’ll come back to thank you.
Brazilian greetings

My friend. Thank you very much. You solved my problem, I was very worried about it already. Now I can sleep peacefully. hahahaha
Brazilian greetings

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