Euro Truck 2 Community Site (VTC) Help Please

Hello there, I am in the middle of creating a website for our community called Golden Nugget LTD! Anyways the short story is, I am a bit confused on submitting data, yes I have done many tutorials etc, but I’m still getting my self confused between, cell data index and the other cell data stuff.

I am trying to make a log or something for our drivers, to input details of there jobs they go to, this is for a game called ETS2 (euro truck 2, pc driving game).

So I try and explain best I can, I want a log where they can input there data and shows up and screen for admins etc. Then dispatch can assign them a job etc but have no idea on if this will be reaping group or normal group? I assume it it be a normal group, but not sure, I normally struggle a lot on workflows, as its seems complicated to me.

If someone can help me please reply or PM me. <To take a look at what I done so far, thoughts and ideas please.>


I hope from that you can see what I am trying to create myself.

Thank you hope I explained it well enough. Thanks in advance any advice be much appreciated.

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