Evaluation in workflow step does sometimes doesn't evaluate and sometimes it does

Hello dearest community,

I cannot make sense of the workflows behavior and I’m afraid it’s a bug.

I have an on-click workflow which evaluates some things. It often works fine and then it doesn’t. When I take a look at the debugger I can see that the evaluation did not “fire”. The action simply took place without checking the evaluation.

You see that there is a condition.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-13 um 23.54.15

But in the debugger the condition is not checked.

Is it because I’ve renamed the workflow step? Your help is highly appreciated!

Best regards

I’ve added a 500ms delay in front of the workflow step that included the evaluation and now the evaluation seems to kick in consistently.

I would still consider this as a bug.

Hey @swilluda,

Please report the bug to @Bubble at https://bubble.io/bug_report. @eve, the support team or engineering team will keep a note of it.

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