Workflow bug with conditions?

Hey all - running into a weird situation. I have a “i’m interested” button on a form. The idea is to set a state that the button was pressed so that the form elements can show if something is missing.

I create a lead and navigate the user only when the inputs are valid:

(ignore the fact that the workflow is disabled, just for testing)

It seems that Step 1 will not operate if Steps 2 and 3 also don’t run. If I delete steps 2 and 3, Step 1 runs. Note that there is no condition on the button click or step 1, so that should happen 100% of the time. Even stranger is that even if I add a breakpoint on the click, no such break happens if steps 2 and 3 are there. Is this correct behavior?

Hi @drfalken
Normally Step1 should run
I normally don’t add break points in workflows
Instead i add "Terminate this workflow" which really comes handy sometimes

Hi @drfalken,

the reason for this is that the navigation to the next page (step 3) might be executed before step 1 is executed. The order of operations here is not sequential.

Here is the Bubble Docs Reference to read about it.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Ah this is great - thanks! Wasn’t aware of those idiosyncrasies

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