Event listener of MapsExtended throwing errors

run.js:8 Action Attach Event Listener MapsExtended A - The plugin Google Maps Extended / action Attach Event Listener a Maps Extended threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_e3’)

getting the following error when using Event listener of MapsExtended plugin


any ideas ?


Can you share the editor so I can take a deeper look?

You can add me. [email protected]

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thanks :star_struck:@AliFarahat for helping me out
solution -

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@AliFarahat , I have the same problem. But the solution described here does not help((

Can you provide a link to the editor or the browser’s console logs? Feel free to DM me

I added you to the project. And on the second question in the next branch))

Unfortunately, I can’t write private messages yet (

UP: Here’s what I found out. The described method only works when Debugmod is enabled. if you turn it off in the console, an error occurs and event tracking does not work.

@leskontgame… give it a shot now if you want.