Event Management application

Hi All,

I am wondering if it possible to build this

on Bubble.is. I’m trying to create an event management web app for a university course project and I want to be able to do it on bubble.is.

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Hi W,

Yes it’s possible, I’ve built an event management wireframe with basic functionality. PM me if you want a sandbox and some tips.

I’m rebuilding it currently and I was wondering if you could point me to the site you’re showing in your screenshot I’d like to visit it.


Yes it’s possible to build this. I personally have not built this but I have seen a lot of other people who have.

Hey duke.severn,

I found the design on Dribbble for inspiration

I know that repeating groups can be used, but my concern is how can I connect them with other sections to show what is going on the same day as the picture from the first post.

You’ll have to use the concept of dynamic pages. See if this video helps you. Jump to building dynamic pages part.

Thank you himanshu. I will check it out :grinning: