Is Bubble the right platform for my app?

I have been lurking around a lot and trying to get an idea of whether Bubble will be able to work for me or not.

The product I want to create will be for a business that will be hosting events and running ongoing programmes. I need to allow several staff members to be able to create events, and for clients to be able to respond/RSVP e.g. Staff login and Client log in.

Is this something that is achievable in Bubble?
If so, would you be able to point be in the right direction with understanding where to start! I have experience making static websites, but app development is really new to me.

Thanks in advanced!


Hi, and welcome to bubble!

Your product is definitely viable within bubble! Event apps are great and decently straight forward with bubble.

Iā€™d suggest watching some tutorials on database design / repeating groups / workflows. That will help you better understand how to get started.


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Hi @Hazuki!

Welcome to the Bubble community!

I have to agree with @Nocodify! This is a really easy project to accomplish on Bubble!

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