Event when a workflow on a list is completed?

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Bubble, but making good progress. One problem I have faced is dealing with synchronous downloading of data via APIs, so that one download needs to be complete before starting on another. I’ve managed to implement this after much experimentation using tracking values stored in the database and external cron jobs which call via Bubble’s API to trigger events which check progress etc.

It seems to me that a much better and cleaner approach would be for Bubble to generate an event when the last process spawned by an API workflow on a list has completed.

I’d be keen to hear any views on whether this might be a good or bad idea (and, of course, whether I’ve missed the point altogether!).

Thanks, Andrew


I would love if Bubble generated some kind of event or something after the last API workflow action has completed. Right now I´m breaking my head trying to work around this non existent feature.

I’ve implemented a solution which doesn’t rely on changing any records (since I couldn’t get a “counter” record to update reliably from multiple processes in a workflow on a list). Briefly it uses a bunch of cron tasks from EasyCron which get started and stopped for each workflow to monitor progress, then when things are finished they mark a job as being completed so as to ensure things are kept synchronous (i.e. the next workflow on a list won’t start until the previous one is completed). This makes things a bit slower (and is a ridiculous and cumbersome way to do it), but as a side benefit doesn’t seem to overload server capacity like a normal hierarchical workflow on a list type of scenario. Preliminary tests suggest it is working OK. Happy to share more details if you are interested.

+1 for notifications at workflows end

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