Progress Status

I have seen that there are a couple of progress bar plugins available.

What I am wondering is if there is a way in plain bubble to find out when a progress is complete. For example, a workflow event creating a list of things, the blue progress bar appears. When that is complete ( ie: blue progress bar disappears ) is there any way to know this?

All the bubble plugin seems to do is allow is to set a progress bar status that would not be connected to the status of a workflow event or API workflow, so it is based on “time” or “numbers” that don’t reflect accurately the time taken to complete a workflow event.

I am hoping that there may be a way, without a paid plugin, to find the status of the workflow event to know when it is completed.

Pure thought, but if you insert a current date and time wf action that adds to a state in between each wf action, then math that into something that can be plotted on a progress bar?

This is a two second idea, but I’m too new to come up with anything more creative :wink:

Sounds like it would be possible, but imagine the situation when there is no other workflow action that follows.

Another thought is that if the workflow action works as I am under the impression they do, then the entire first event doesn’t actually need to take place before the second event is triggered. For instance, if I am updating or adding a list of things as first event, it starts and then immediately triggers the next event before the entire list of things has actually been added or updated.

I know that using an api workflow, not all of the things created in the api workflow event are created before my next workflow event takes place. I have an on boarding page that hides/shows groups and my next group is shown before all of the images are created.