Everything works in Development mode but when app goes live it shows bugs

Hi everyone
I’m building my first app on bubble and I want to say thank you for everyone contributing to this forum. I’ve managed to turn lots of unknowns to knowns due to various threads here.
However I’ve no encountered a problem that I have not managed to find a mention of. Everything works well when I preview my app in Development mode, but when the app goes live it shows “sorry the bug was detected” popup

It does not actually let me manage any existing data, I can only add new one.
What’s going on here? How this can be fixed? Any help’s appreciated

Generally when i see this error time :mantelpiece_clock: is the solution. (Wait 5 minutes and try again.)

Is it working yet?

Thanks @jobs, I figured it out eventually. Turned out to be a Google Geocoding bug

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