Example of Add to Cal (Google) from start to finish?

Hi! I have downloaded both the Google Oauth (what we use to create an account on our site) and Google’s Calendar plugin (from Bubbl), which we’ll use to add events listed on our site to our user’s google calendars.

However, I can’t seem to set it up correctly and I think it’s on the Google Developer Console side as this is the error I’m getting:

Does anyone have a good tutorial that shows what work needs to be done on the google side too? Want to be sure I set this up correctly! Thanks!!

are you looking to import or export ical?

sorry to clarify, I am looking to create a new event on the user’s google calendar. This is how I have it set up now:

Where the Popup:Login screen/Terminate Workflow steps only happen conditionally when current user isn’t logged in. In the case that they aren’t logged in, it takes them to an OAuth popup which is working correctly. Then, it creates a new event where the calendar_id is currentuser’s Oauth email:

ideas on where I’ve gone wrong?

A much simpler approach is to just use the Google Cal url structure

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WOW, @ruv , this is an amazing solution!! My last question for you: can you screenshot how you are formatting the date and time? Date= YYYYMMDD and time= ??

Thank you!

Figured it out! Thank you!

Are you supposed to set the Values as numbers or as variables? It breaks when I put YYYYMMDD and HHMM. But when I put in your exact numbers the cal invite registers, but doesn’t pull in the numbers. Please let me know exactly how to format it in as a custom date. Thanks!

try format your date as such (note: case sensitive)

this didn’t work either. did it work for you? where was the calendar link in the destination. Can you show me exactly what worked?