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Example: Parent Child Repeating Groups (under construction)

I have two Repeating Groups and two input fields,
“What to Buy” and “Color to Get”.

Enter an item to buy and the color to get. Press Save and both are saved. Right now, the second repeating group, “RG Color” displays ALL colors.

I’ve spent many hours on this already and I just can’t seen to find a way to link the two Repeating Groups. So that… only the correct single color is displayed when the user: hovers or just clicks on the item in the first Repeating Group, “RG Shopping Item”.

Here’s a link to the code.

Once I get this problem solved, I’ll leave this up as an example, in case any other noobs what to see how this is done.

Made some changes, but let me know if this is what you’re wanting to achieve. Since you’re only wanting to display a single color, you don’t need a repeating group, right? Since an RG is for a list. I left your RG there, but I added a group and set the type to = color.

Inside the group is a text element that is “parent group’s color name”

  1. When Save is clicked: Create a new color > Create a new item, new color field (single, not list) = result of step 1
  2. When you click on an item in the left RG, display data in the group containing that single text element: current cell’s color

If this is what you needed, study the workflows and sources for the elements. If not, let me know what it should be doing instead.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

I made a copy of the Example and duplicated what you did. Interesting!! The “Actual Color” (to be displayed) wasn’t available until AFTER a Text item was put in a Group. Only then did the “Parent Group Color” option appear to be selected. I wonder… how did Bubble knew that the parent group was RG Shipping Item and not RG Color, especially since you did NOT enter a Data Source in the Data Source option of the Repeating Group.

The group that contains the selected item’s color’s actual color [text] (on top of your 2nd RG now), is not a repeating group. It’s a regular group element whose data source needs to be 1 thing. There is no data source set to it because the source will change depending on what you click on the left. However, the TYPE of data is set as COLOR because that’s the data type we want to see there. It could be blue, red, green - that part is dynamic, but we do know it’s a color.

So, if you see in the workflow, that’s where we change the group’s source (telling it what color specifically to display). When an item on the left is clicked, we “send data” to that group. The group expects a Color, so we send the “current cell’s color”. And the text itself is set to be “parent group’s actual color (the text field of the data type)”

Does that make sense?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks for your reply @romanmg Of course! That all makes perfect sense.

As you probably noticed, I’m still working on that example. Actually… based on my previous data modeling projects, I know Parent Child links are one of the most valuable skills to have. So I’m using this app as a learning example.

I just realized there is a difference between putting a List of things in a field, where the field actually contains the full list AND having a List of Things that are actually just pointers to another Thing (file) with other fields. I will include both in the example.

I will clean the app up and then post another question or two. Also… I know you’re doing this coaching as a business… so I will be sending some payPal money to the email address on your newsletter. (I’m not ready for a full 1 hour coaching session quite yet.)

Plus!! When done, I plan on leaving this example in good working order for other interested noobs to learn from.

Oh that’s not necessary, really! The forum is free for everyone, so my responses here are separate and just me wanting to contribute to the community. The newsletter is also for everyone’s benefit at no cost, but it allows me to contribute in a specific way that I’d find useful if I were new or “looking for more.”

The private coaching is for much more focused discussions and dedicated attention where I’m able to set aside time and do a little more work for you :slight_smile: So, book if you so desire! True, the coaching along with the imminent premium content are part of a business… I enjoy the balance!

Plus, I fully support you leaving your example up for others to learn. Another reason why I like answering questions here. Someone else may run into the same thing, read our thread, and have that missing piece finally click.

Thank you, @Townsend!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

3 Questions: (in my quest to complete this example)

1- I’ve done many searches and probably spent too much time on this, so… is it true? There is no facility for highlighting a row in a Repeating Group. Nor is there a way to reference the elements of the last clicked row in Repeating Group. So… the methodology goes… create a Custom State and store the needed info there. Correct?

I’ve been studying the Data structure in a copy of the Microblogging Example App:

2- I understand a field type designated as having “multiple entries” via the checkbox option, actually stores the multiple entries in that field, and is show to have “List of…” in Data Types, under the Data tab.

BUT linking to a child Thing (file) requires storing the Unique ID.

3- At this point, I’d be interested in any examples or documentation that describes usage of these two different link types.

Good news though!! When I went to correct the email address of [email protected], which should have been [email protected] Bubble would not allowed the edit. Which is excellent (!!), since that would have disrupted the normalization of the database. I am continually impressed with the speed, simplicity and grace with which Bubble accomplishes complex tasks.

(Still working on my example app.)


You can highlight a row, you add a group (or a shape or whatever) inside the Cell and then use conditional logic on that to highlight it.

You can reference the last clicked row by using a Customer state on the click. That way you are in control … because otherwise you might ask … last clicked within what timeframe, what if there is another RG in the cell … does that count.

So Yes, use a Custom State, that way you get what you want.


There is probably no reason for you to store the unique ID of anything in a field. You set up the field to have data type of the thing you want to reference, and then “add” that THING to the list. You don’t want to add in the unique id. So whatever your “favourite” is … it’s data type. use that.


Lists of ordinary data types are just that … lists of data. Dates, names etc. So discrete bits of data, not referencing some other object.

Lists that have a data type which is ANOTHER data type … that is essentially the way Bubble does relationships. You don’t have a “key” … you embed the whole thing in another thing’s list.

In your example, Favourites is a list of Tweets and Following is a list of Users. At least that is what I assume you have done, and you have set the Primary field of User to be “email” so it shows you that not the Unique Id.

Storing a bunch of email addresses to then subsequently have to do a search on User to find it … is going to be a real pain.

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