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Exciting NEW Plugin! Google ONE-TAP SIGN-UP - LOGIN

Hey guys! Just released a brand-new plugin with the use of Google Services.
Google One Tap is a passwordless service that allows you to login users in one tap, without interrupting them with a sign-up screen.

Get many more users signing up to your app! This methos is 10x faster than tradition sign-up forms. Take a look at the process:


After the user clicks the ‘continue as …’ you can actively create a user in your database with this plugin’s response data!! As easy as that!

:mag_right: Take a look at the demo: Here
:books: Docs: Here

Feel free to let me know in the comments what you think about the plugin!


Hey @segongora9,

How does the plugin differ function-wise from inserting the google sign-in iframe with an HTML tag and run the script?

Does it provide additional functionality? (honestly curious)

hey @zavitac , this plugin is a passwordless sign in method. Traditional signup is either a popup or a redirection from your site to Google OAuth, where user needs to set their email and write their password.

Traditional method also needs a scope granted, which will ask the user for its permission (for example ‘This Bubble app needs access to your email info’)

This plugin is a floating group inside your site (where if a user IS logged in to Google, his account will be retrieved and displayed in the floating group like this:

When a user clicks on ‘Continue as …’ Google will validate the session, and if valid it will return some of the user’s data (for example first name, last name, email, picture) which you can use in the workflow. With this, you can actively create user account into your bubble app, without having them to do a tradiontal signup.

Hope this answers your question! Let me know if you have more.
Also have you tried the demo? Demo

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Dude your plug in should have more exposure in the plugins section!
Looks great and planning to use it in our next app!

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Thanks for your feedback! Any suggestions you have for the plugin can be looked into, and add them into the plugin.