Passwordless pliugin

hi i need help.
I would like to use a passwordless solution for authenticating users. But the most used plugin (cotter Plugin Passwordless) does not seem usable for the change of ownership. The other (Sawo plugin) is not fully translatable and doesn’t work.

Alternative ideas?

Hi there @stefano1,

Check out the Bubble built magic login links.

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Hi @stefano1

I published a plugin that allowed users to signup without a password, but I withdrew it due to low demand.

I believe Bubble’s magic link login is just for logging in, but not for signing up (users would still need a password to sign up). My plugin allowed to signup without a password too.

If you were interested, I could resurrect it.

Hello, I was able to do a password less login using the person signing ups phone number. I posted about it here

@bubble43 How do you make sure that the user signing up is actually the owner of the email/phone number provided?

I am using phone number for mine but the user initiates the process by sending us a text message (via Twilio) so I capture the number and pass it as a URL parameter and don’t allow them to edit it.

For email, I believe the “Sign User Up” workflow has a checkbox option to send the user an email confirmation.

Hi Miguel thanks for answer, your plugin function with signup and signin?

Hi Johnny i try Magic Link but for someone not function

Hi @stefano1 , yes, my plugin works both for signup and signin.

This plugin is disposable?

What do you mean? If it’s available right now?

yes excuse me
it’s available?

Not at the moment. As I mentioned before, nobody seemed to want it, so I withdrew it. It cost $2/month.

i want try but i prefer perpetual

Miguel i want try your plugin

Hi @stefano1 I am working on resurrecting the plugin. It should take a few days, as Bubble will need to approve it again.

Hey @stefano1 , Aashish here from Sawo team . Could you let me the issues you are facing when integrating sawo ? Happy to hop on a call and get your integration sorted out .

Also @stefano1 , please refer to SAWO documentation here - to give you more clarity on integrating sawo.

Hi i try use sawo plugin

but issue

you can try Secqure Passwordless Login for Bubble for Magic Link and Verification Code (OTP) based login. If you have any questions I can be able to assist.