Expanding / Shrinking RG...again!

Hello, I am new to bubble and have been playing around with it. Quite a neat system. Anyhow I have an app that I am working on. Has a RG that I have figured out how to expand/shrink. My question is, when I open one cell of the RG, then open another, they both stay open. The video will show you. How can I achieve auto closing one when another is clicked. Please disregard ui imperfections, as I just what functionality right now.


I’d probably set up a custom state of whatever data type your repeating group is. When a cell is clicked, set the state as that cell. Then, on your hidden group, add a conditional, When this cell’s data type is custom state’s data type, this group is visible. So, whenever a new cell is clicked, it will change the state and only that cell will be expanded.


Roger that! Very quick reply, thanks. I will try and see if I can get it to work.


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