Hide elements in a repeating group cell based on action in another repeating group cell


I currently have a repeating group that shows a preview of job applications, and when you click on the group within the cell (the group fills the entire cell and acts as a button) elements within the group show, creating an expanding repeating group effect. I also have a button to close this expansion. What I can’t figure out how to do is limit the user to only expand one repeating group cell at a time. Ideally, if you have an cell with a group expanded and click on another cell’s group, it would close the group in the cell that was already open (hide a few elements). I have the elements that are hidden as non-visible at start and collapsing when hidden. I am currently using workflows to show and hide the elements. I have tried using a yes / no conditional on the repeating group but haven’t had success yet.

Here is a picture of the repeating group in the collapsed state:

And here is a picture showing how more than one card can be expanded:

Thanks in advance!

What if you made a conditional rule to control the expanded state, and make this based on a custom state on the RG which is a number field.

When a cell is clicked, set that state to be the current cells number, so then the conditional rule is when RGs state number = this cells number, it’s expanded?

Ah great idea this works perfectly. Also set the close button to set the value of the custom state to 0 each time to reset the state to allow for the same cell to be opened and closed repeatedly.

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Good stuff! :slightly_smiling_face: