Experience with Repeating Groups and performance?

I can think of two ways to show complex information. Information, organised in different categories with different subheadings. They all come from the same Data Type but they have different categories and groupings and so on.

My question is what is the best way to show a lot of information in relation to performance (Making sure it’s loaded faster and easier to maintain)?

1/ Example 1 - Use RG. Place one repeating group into another and then use conditions to show titles and data source with different constraints and so on. I also use a lot of 'When no results for a particular category don’t show the title for that category, etc… This is the complex option I have used and it works (But feels as if it’s slow). It was fast to build as I only had to put a RG group inside another repeating group, although there are a lot of conditions.

2/ Example 2 - Use separate RG’s one after another. They have their own category and title. They also have their own conditions to show or hide content if content is empty, but less conditions per RG. (Yet to build).

What is the best way or standard to build this and also from a performance perspective, using the same Data type but show content in a more categorised fashion, Nested RG with a lot conditions or RG after another RG with conditions to show / hide if content exists.


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I believe that a repeating group within a repeating group will be slower, so Example 2 would be faster.

It also makes a big difference how many records you show at once. If you can get away with it from a user experience standpoint, it would be better to use scrolling than trying to show it all.

Being honest, performance is and has always been shoddy. Look at the Nucode website as an example. The more posts and content, the slower is takes to load. Bubble is revolutionary but the performance is the most disappointing aspect.

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This might get you thinking a bit differently…no idea if it will help or not

Thanks for the replies. I will try Example 2 and see the results. It needs to be loaded in one go as I am showing a kind of CV with a lot of results for each section. The user should also be able to print it out in one go.

Repeating Group for experiences
Repeating Group for education
Repeating Group for skills

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Let me know how it goes with printing. That is something I have some experience with. Getting something to print on a single page (or any consistent length) is tricky because any element (such as repeating groups) that expands beyond its editor “footprint” tends to mess up the print sizing.

I use the plugin Bubble Page to PDF, and to get it to size properly, every element has to be fixed in height. This is a challenge when you have paragraphs of text that are user-generated.

Good luck.

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Curious what conclusion you came to here. I really like using Repeating Groups for their ease of maintenance and extensibility and am starting to adopt a more list-centric design philosophy. That said, I am concerned about performance also.