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Make Scrolling of Repeating Group Conditional

So my biggest issue with the repeating group is that the layout style cannot be altered by condition. Having 2 items in a repeating group built for 5 items will mean you get the scroll bar even if you don’t need it.

This means I build two repeating groups on top of one another. One for if number of items is under a certian threshold, and the other if it is over. This is inefficient.

If repeating group number of items > “” then layout style is…

This is a huge impediment to my app currently.

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That one is very hard technically. It’d be better to have two rep groups and hide and show them


Quick question about that…is there a performance impact to having multiple RG hidden, shown, and swapped? Right now, I have a repeating group that, depending on user actions, can show one of about 40 different data sets. Would it be better to have 40 different repeating groups that I show and hide? Or better to have the one that I change the data source? I was curious about this with regards to initial loading speed, but wasn’t sure if it actually mattered or not.

It’s doesn’t matter too much. We only fetch data once the group is visible.

What matters is not to use full list mode when the list is long. Infinite scrolling is much much faster.

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Ok thanks for that information. I guess the fact that data is only retreived when element is visible alleviated my concerns. I don’t mind the double groups, I was just concerned that they were affecting performance since it effectively doubles the number of groups on a page.

I always show the full list and pagination (when possible). The only issue is knowing how many pages there are and providing the user the Ability to jump to a specific page.

I also wanted the ability to provide an option that can let the user select the number of entries to list. Like show 10,50,100 so i am facing the same limitation as you are.

I grown to love repeating groups and i know they will only get better. Although sometimes wish i had a table element with the same flexibility


Agreed the repeating group in my opinion is the heart of bubble.

Hello @emmanuel, I was trying to use two rep groups and play hide and show. So this is what I get:

  1. First RG layout is fixed so it will display only newest entry
  2. Second RG layout is full list… when state is changed (via click) it will show up and hide the first one

So far, so good, now it expands and shows the full list and pushes the other content of the page down


When clicked again to change state backwards, (I want the second one to hide again and show the first as it was at the begginng)… the RG container will still be expanded and the other content on the page will be kept far away down… so I will love the container to shrink again.

Being able to change then layout style on the conditionals tab might provide the expected behavior (sort of expand/collapse).

So far I just added a refresh in the state change flow, but I really hate the page having to refresh to get back to the original.

Any clues?

Place the RG in a group
Make the Group collapse when huddle
Hide and show the group with RG using the custom state.

That’s it

Thank you @AliFarahat, I believe this will help me out. Don’t how to “make the group collapse when huddle”… May you please provide me some hints?

It’s in the property edit (inspector)
Collapse height when hidden
Make sure the RG resides in the group

Nice! Very grateful!!!