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Experienced Bubble Freelancer Looking for Projects

Hi all,

I’m keen to offer a helping hand with any development work in Bubble you need. I’m a highly experienced Bubble dev, with 6 years of experience building some amazing Bubble apps including:

SendPilot -
ProductFlare -
Announcefly -

As well as most recently working full time as lead dev on a funded Bubble startup which unfortunately didn’t work out, so I find myself back in the Bubble game!

Let me know if you need any help with design, complex tasks you can’t figure out, bug fixes or full app builds and I’d be happy to chat!




He’s back!!

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Can’t stay away too long, I get homesick :wink:

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Yo Reece!

We’d love to chat - shoot me a message at [email protected] if you’re interested :v:

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Awesome - will do!

Hey Reece. Would love to have a chat to see how you could help us at xtonnes (Carbon management software). Feel free to message me on this or at [email protected]

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Hi Andy,

Great - I’ll reach out :slight_smile:

Hey Reece,

Welcome back - we are hiring - shoot me an email simon at


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Hi Simon,

Will do :slight_smile: