Expert Bubble dev needed - ideally EMEA or APAC based

Hi all
Stuart from :wave:

We’re looking for an experienced Bubble to help out with improvements, new features and updates to a Creator marketplace project for the next 3 months (Oct-Nov). The app has been live for 6+ months, and needs to be upgraded and revised as revenue is starting to grow.

You’ll be working with another senior Bubble developer to help get you up to speed before taking over the development tasks. Tasks are managed through Lindie, a Linear integration we built.

We’ll need approx 15 hrs/wk, with some more time at the start for onboarding and getting up to speed. As we’re in Australia, it makes more sense to have someone in a timezone friendly location - but hey, if you’re in a US timezone and love working all night, hit me up :slight_smile:



Hi. I’m based in US and available to start ASAP. Will DM you my info.

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Hey Stuart, DMed you. Pls check.

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