Expert Bubble Freelancer Needed

I help run a small, growing construction company and need a simple mobile app created with the intention on building a job costing system.

I’d like to start with an that my employees can log into and submit their work hours for the week. The data we need to get for each user is:

1: First Name
2: Last Name
4: Category: Driver, Floor Mechanic,Project Admin,Office
5: Hourly Rate

The user interface should have these fields:

time in
time out
regular hrs
ot hours
dt hours
lunch: y/n
Job: Drop-down list which we update

The week starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday
They should hit ENTER the data appears and then they SUBMIT

The employees need to register their first name, last name only. I assign the other info myself.

On my end I need to be able to create reports that will calculate total hrs, gross wages ( (reg hrs *rate) + (ot hrs rate1.5) + (dt hrs rate1.5)

Let me know if you can do this, if you have any construction or job costing experience and what your hourly rate is. This part of the project is time sensitive so I would appreciate a quick response. Thanks! Joe

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