Expert Marketplace (Calendar)

If anyone is a pro at calendar integration and marketplaces, I’d like to talk.

Think Calendly with Stripe. Only people who have paid for the time slot can actually book the meeting.

This would be for Experts who have people that want to talk to them and be paid for it. Think about yourself. I’m sure people on bubble want to clear something up via Zoom in 30 minutes and it’s a pain to schedule and you probably want to sell them a larger package. This way you could charge $100 for a 30 minute zoom to clear up the minor issue.

Initially, I’m thinking just a private link an expert can share to make payment and scheduling smoother.

Then, you can add a marketplace on top with experts listing their services. It could be a way for people to build a business on top of the app or simply help here and there. If they want to move to a larger engagement, that’s up to them. This wouldn’t facilitate any progress like Upwork.

The calendar integration is huge. Need to be able to set availability and only offer certain slots.

If you’re really interested in this and think it would actually help. Feel free to reach out to me.


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Hello @will6 ,

I sent you a private message with some information.

Hi @will6

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

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@will6 were you able to get this to work on your own or did you work with a Bubble Agency?

Hey @justin.schoenfelder1 thanks for following up. It never materialized and jotform just released a better, or easier version of what I had planned.

Appreciate you following up.

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