Explain Bubble to investors


We get often emails from our users asking how to explain Bubble to investors. There has been a few threads on the forum as well about this.

We just put together this document that covers what are the main questions that keep coming. Feel free to use this as you see fit, and let us know if you think we can do a better job at explaining what Bubble is and why it’s a great platform to launch and scale businesses. We want to see startups on top of us succeed, so let us know how we can help.


This is great, thank you!

Great doc

This is fab!

It’s documents like this which make all the difference in my opinion. @antony will like this document.

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great resource for clients, thank you! :clap:

Awesome!! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love this kind of stuff :smiley:

Great! A lot better than ours. Thanks!

great resource @emmanuel, maybe put it as web page?

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This is so useful. Thank you @emmanueland @Bubble.

I believe this document is not for investors but will also be of great help to founders who might be sitting on the fence in terms of deciding on a no-code solution like bubble.

Very handy! Thanks so much for putting this together, Bubble team :slightly_smiling_face:

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We may do that later. I think there is some value in having a formal PDF as something you can share, but we’ll think about it.


Outstanding, thanks!

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definitely, i was suggesting to have both :slight_smile:

Very interesting. I will use it !

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Thanks @emmanuel. Is there a plan to do something similar for people (like me) trying to pitch Bubble for use in corporates? For example, a simple overview of security measures in place, considerations if/when scaling etc. (these are things I’m pretty bad at articulating TBH)

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This is great! Thanks!

I really needed this today :innocent:

Yes, we’ll look into this, though I think a lot of content can be reused from the same document, the concerns around scalability, how sustainable Bubble is, etc. are similar.