Experience with Angel’s and VC’s

I was having a very interesting an resourceful conversation today with a friend who is a serial entrepreneur and his experience with raising funds in the pre-seed and seed stage of startups.

He is a big believer in the no-code movement and was working on his latest venture using Bubble to build out the MVP. He was very blunt and straight forward to mention that investors at the pre-seed and seed stage do not care how the tech was built as long as it works.

I wanted to learn more from the bubble community about their experience with raising funds for there startups using bubble and the feedback they got from Angle’s and VC’s


Hi Shawn, we’re in the spot here as you. Also talking to investors (angels/ professional funds) and trying to figure out how to explain ‘our tech’ in such a way that it gives them comfort/ that we do not have get into the argument of pro/cons of using Bubble. Happy to swap notes over this one. How are you getting along since September?

‘‘Jack, I don’t care how you create it, as long as it’s a safe environment for our users, and you can keep control.’’

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Just wanted to share the Bubble documentation about this. They have a pretty good way of wording it.


Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks! Though I still get questions/ it’s not always enough to convert non-believers :slight_smile: So am thinking of how to present it differently so that the question ‘but is this scalable/ safe/ hard to copy/ etc - because it is built in Bubble’ is not asked in the first place. Some missionary work to be done here still. So if anyone is in the same situation, it would be great to connect and see how we can make the story stronger together.

I’m not personally in the position, and do not envision getting into the position as the products I want to develop using Bubble are not intended to be a huge platform with hundreds of thousands or millions of users.

There are a lot of threads on the forum discussing issues of scalability that may be beneficial to read through to get an idea of other users experiences when their apps began to expand the user base and the difficulties they faced and how they overcame them.

To be honest though, in my view, if you are talking to VCs and angel investors, you would have already built an MVP that has gone through the process of market validation and your need for investor money would be to move off Bubble and invest in a custom coded product to start scaling.

If you are talking about raising hundreds of thousand of dollars or millions in those early rounds, it would be the team and the market validated idea the investors would be putting up the money for, not necessarily the tech.

I just personally think the story may be something like: “I busted my butt building this MVP myself on Bubble and spent the time and energy to get my initial user base and have market validated the idea. Now, I need investor money to get a custom coded product out to market as I need to move off Bubble to scale”