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Export as CSV problem - only visible data type is "user"

Hi all,

I have a function built into my app which allows users to export their inventory as a CSV list. Suddenly this has stopped working, and the data type i want to export is no longer available…

As you can see from this screenshot, the only data type available in the dropdown is “user”. Previously i had this set to data type “stock item”.

Why am i unable to select the rest of my data types? They are still visible when i use the “Do a search for” function so i don’t know what is causing this issue.


I have the same problem, there are already 3 topics with the same thing, I already sent them a tweet and sent them an email, you have to press more, since it is a necessary tool

Ok good to know it’s not just me having this issue. I will send them an email and see if that helps!

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