[Seeking alpha testers] Large CSV data exports

Hi all,

We’re building a feature to enable large exports of your app’s data in CSV format. The feature allows you to kick off such an export, and when it’s ready you’ll receive an email with a link to the CSV.

We are now accepting alpha testers for this feature! We will continue to polish it in the meantime, but it’s ready for some folks to try out.

If you’re interested in participating, please share the app ID you would like this feature enabled on (if you don’t feel comfortable replying to this thread, you can also DM it to me). The alpha should start tomorrow or early next week.



Hi Allen,

It seems like you guys already pushed that feature forward and it has been causing major issues for me! Maybe your data gets processed in Vietnam or something and gets emailed to us from Vietnam because upon downloading the CSV data, all dates are in Vietnamese, which is a major issue.

This is definitely a bug! Could you please file a bug report? In this case it’d be particularly helpful to know the app ID, which data view you’re exporting here, and whether it’s dev / live, so that we can reproduce it on our end.


@allenyang - has this been deployed? Is there a way to export more than one data type in a single CSV? I have lots of “things” and I am only seeing a way to export the current view, which is restricted to a single “thing”?

Yes, this has been deployed. No, this still only works with one data type at a time.

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Is this export done via the Data tab in the back end?

I’m looking for a way to export while being able to use dynamic expressions to access linked data. The Download data as CSV action does not seem to allow that. I was really expecting it to be much more flexible.

For example, let’s say users can place orders, and so the Order data type has a User field. If I want to export the order data to a CSV file, how would I output the associated User’s name and email with each order row? What am I missing?


Not the answer directly you’re looking for… but this plugin has proven to be outstanding for configurable exports :slightly_smiling_face: Figured I’d chime in…

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Interestingly, using the new[ish] list:format as text operator was my backup plan! This plugin might save me some time spitting it out to a file though. Thanks, @lantzgould.