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<Export Bubble App to </Code>

Can i export my bubble app to …say maybe a complete code package in any language of choice maybe javascript…Just in case something happens to our beloved…hoping nothing does actually…but as fail safe

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no, but bubbles agreement is if they cannot provide the service they will release the source and then you can host your own server/app.

Although you can get a bubble specific version in JSON format i believe.

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How long would it take if bubble is to release source codes to everyone?

that would be a question best asked direct. perhaps @emmanuel could answer this?.

At the bottom of this page you will find the guarantee.

I think it’s actually a good business idea. Bubble should offer the possibility to users to export the produced app’s code, so that business are not dependent on Bubble. This doesn’t even mean they will use it, but it would make them safe. I can say that I already have concerns from my investors with regard to producing an app that’s going to be dependent on a third party. The idea that I could “export the code” even at a cost, could be actually attractive to businesses that won’t be afraid to depend on the platform.

Even though I am happily building my app on Bubble, I already know it will be only good enough for MVP and once the investments kick in, we will have to hire coders to mimic what’s been done on Bubble. So that’s a loss both for me and Bubble.


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