To Buy the Bubble code of our App

Hello, I am building an application and I plan to have more than 100K users. So I know that in fine Bubble is not a solution to me and I would need to code my application.

Would it be possible to buy the code made by Bubble in order to have a base of site/application ?

I strongly believe it would be a huge plus for Bubblers.

Thanks !

No, this isn’t possible.

Ref (FAQ | Bubble):

Can I export my data from the Bubble platform?

You can automatically export user-created data in the form of Excel-compatible CSV files. You can also use our one-click API creator to access all your data through a RESTful JSON API.

Bubble apps don’t exist as code in the traditional sense, and can only run on the Bubble platform. There’s currently no way of exporting your application as code. If you decide to move off the Bubble platform, we can provide a raw dump of your application logic and visual design as a JSON file to speed the process of converting your app to a different platform.

Our goal is for Bubble to grow with your app. We provide enterprise solutions and web-scale infrastructure. With our Javascript and API integrations, you’ll never hit a hard limit within the system.

What will happen to my app if Bubble shuts down?

We want to make sure you feel secure about building on the Bubble platform, so, although we plan to be around for a very long time, here’s our guarantee: if for some reason we ever have to close down shop, we will release the Bubble source code under an open-source license so that you can set up your own Bubble server and keep your app running.

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Ok so if Facebook or Airbnb had been built with Bubble, what would have happened ? We seems very dependant to Bubble don’t we ?

Facebook and AirBNB was not built from bubble. Bubble has shown recreations of AirBNB and Facebook through their software.

Yes I know that but imagine the future Facebook/Airbnb/Google is created with Bubble, what will happen ?

They would pay their fees to Bubble, not their ops teams and AWS/Azure/GCP.

Bubble is an abstraction layer for folks to avoid worrying about that stuff. The money gets paid either way, but in the case of Bubble, you’re depending on them for uptime and stability…not the team you’ve hired.


They will be reliant on Bubble’s services, though I don’t see that happening.

I agree with what you said.

Okok thanks a lot ! It’s kind of difficult to understand how all this amazing site works.

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