Export data from a Repeating Group


I have a Repeating Group in Bubble that displays data from multiple tables which are related to each other, and has columns with different Data Types apart from text as well. Now, I want to export this data into a CSV/Excel.
I have tried a few plugins, but most of them seem to work only for text fields. Is there anyway I can achieve this and get all the data?

Hi @shreya.arora ,
I can recommand below plugin,

Did you tried this one for exporting as CSV file?

Please refer below,
Demo page : Your Bubble app
Editor link : Pdfwork | Bubble Editor

@mani2726 - This plugin doesn’t work for other data types as it’s clearly mentioned in the plugin page: “download a CSV of all text elements from within a repeating group”.

Have you tried using this with other data types, can you share the steps that you followed?

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Have you tried this?
1T - CSV Creator Plugin | Bubble