Export data spanning two tables?

Two tables (data types):

  1. car - various data, including manufacturer
  2. rider - various data, including name

The tables have a one-to-many relationship - each car has multiple riders.

I’d like to export data for every rider - all the data for the rider, plus the associated car’s manufacturer. How can I do this?

I’ve played with Views, but they seem to only handle one data type. Any ideas?

Create a new table with the flattened data, and then export that ?

Have done that with csv export, and it works ok.

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Thanks for the help. This sounds like it might be exactly what I need.

  1. How do you create the new table?
  2. Is there a way to avoid creating a new table for each export?

So create a new table which has the rows you want to export. You won’t need to create a new one each time, just populate it.

Then you have two buttons, one populates the table for the user, and another appears when the export is ready. It is not uncommon for downloads to work this way.

You will need to use an API workflow to do the population.

Will find the post where I previously explained.

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Much appreciated. The article sounds great.

Will definitely read when you find it.

I believe this is it


Thank you. Took me a while to get the hang of this, but it works. Wish I could simply join tables like in SQL.

A couple improvements from the original method:

  1. No need for separate “Build Report” and “Export Report” buttons. Download the CSV when the “finished” condition is complete.
  1. Make the button dynamic so you can see how far into the export function
  2. Disable the button until the records have been deleted on load. Otherwise, you can delete and add at the same time
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